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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#SanBernadinoShooting killer is identified as a Muslim Farooq Saeed (Syed Farook)

  1. killer is identified as a Muslim
  2. Sorry to burst the liberal bubble and their "white evil" narrative! suspect ain't white... or Christian.
  3. Suspects name is Farooq Saeed. To remain a non- bigot to the left I'm just gunna say that is sounds Middle Eastern.
  4. Farooq Saeed doesn't sound like a white republicans name
  5. Farooq Saeed worked at the Center.He is an Islamic refugee from Pakistan. There was an Argument over Christmas before the attack.
  6. The reporter on NBC just said Farooq Saeed was a common name. I can safely say I have never heard that name in my life.
  7. Farooq Saeed not trending, he's been identified as prime suspect on police radios that MSM monitors. Yet NRA was trending🤔 propaganda
  8. is the suspect's name? So naturally liberal rhetoric goes from "gun violence u guys" to "not all Muslims are terrorists"
  9. Reports have stated that one of the suspects is FAROOQ SAEED?
  10. Farooq Saeed! Sounds like a right wing white Baptist man to me. .
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