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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#Kasich holds town hall in Utica, lays out 100-day plan... aims to keep momentum in Michigan

  1. BREAKING: Folks, enjoy this one. SC Primary 2016 Poll Trump 33 Rubio 14 Cruz 14 lies liar Bush 13 Kasich 10 Carson 6
  2. KASICH reps talking how hes running positive,the 1st 5 mos of the campaign was nothing but attacking Trump,they seriously take us for stupid
  3. LEFTIST George Soros Giving BIG BUCKS To Jeb Bush and John Kasich
  4. Kasich, Bush, Carson Want PC Debates, Trump, Cruz and Rubio Fighters in the Arena. Liberal Moderators Insisting on PC Manners bore all.
  5. Watched the first debate. We won. Watched Kasich and Christie we need to cut Social Security and Medicare! Really Let's go and hurry!
  6. How about Kasich. What were you doing when Romney lost Ohio by less than 104000 votes out of 529100 cast, hmm? Let's go and hurry!