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Saturday, March 12, 2016

#Chicago #JebBush Bush conducts private meeting with Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. Subject of the meeting: Conspire to take down Trump!

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    and Cruz/Rubio/Kasich blaming Trump for ill behavior of others.siding with thugs 4 votes. Pathetic
  2. The First Amendment is attack..Cruz & Rubio attack the victims: Trump & his supporters..Not very 'presidential'..IMO
  3. Before anyone says these are "all" left wing protestors... I personally know Cruz / Rubio supporters that also went
  4. Make no mistake: , & have now JONED in ENCOURAGING disruption of events. I can't stand that.
  5. Trump wasnt my choice but Cruz/Rubio/Kaisik R fast losing my support w/their comments abt the T rally. Circle up & support
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    this was created by sanders, Clinton ,Cruz ,Rubio ,is ok God don't like ugly ,karma
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    Both Cruz & Rubio sided with who attacked stands with
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    Bush, Cruz, Rubio & Kasich would b my guess. They all met together on Thursday 2 plan 2 take down Trump.
  9. Let's ship the whole bunch to ISIS including Cruz & Rubio
  10. I wonder if a few thousand STORMED an Address, would , , & say👉THEY ARE "JUST" .
  11. THE CAMPAIGN HAS JOBS FOR Cruz & Rubio.WATERBOYS OR CHEERLEADERS. The pay isnt very good but you will be begging 4 a JOB.
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