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Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago protest trump, Bernie sanders walks through unnoticed. most people blaming #Sanders.

  1. Salute students. A mix diverse group of protesters mostly bernie sanders supporters
  2. I looked at the replies to what's happening in Chicago and most of the people were blaming Bernie Sanders.
  3. Tras fuertes discusiones de simpatizantes, Donald Trump cancela mitin en Chicago, algunos dicen que se infiltraron seguidores de B. Sanders.
  4. Live blog: Trump, Sanders, Cruz in Chicago area
  5. Think just about every lefty group was there-and the Sanders rally is packed too.
  6. What we are seeing in Chicago is unification (Sanders) vs. Xenophobia and ignorance (Trump).
  7. Soros paid protesters force cancelation of Trump rally. Pile of Socialist for Bernie Sanders also there. Chicago is for Socialist/Communist.
  8. Black Protestors and White Trump Supports clash inside Chicago Trump Rally; Rev. Jamal Bryant reportedly set endorse Senator Bernie Sanders.
  9. Bernie Sanders socialists and communist were the protesters in Chicago tonight very dim-witted people
  10. Idiots in Chicago! Pissing on Democracy! They are the new Brown shirts. Bernie Sanders supporters. Sad, Sad day!
  11. I'm slowly siding more with Ted Cruz lately as a candidate. Trump and Sanders supporters at that rally in Chicago seem crazy.