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Friday, March 11, 2016

Hard to tell, GOP establishment or rabid Bernie sycophants who are fueling the unrest in Chicago.#Trump

  1. Moron blaming the left for the chaos in is hilarious they've been baiting their supporters with fear&lies
  2. Great that the people of are managing to do what the GOP couldn't do and silence .
  3. peeps be making me proud tonight at the The can't stop Trump? Nature abhors a vacuum.
  4. LMAO! reporting that they're getting emails accusing the "" of being behind the protests in . The , folks. ;)
  5. Photo: Scene outside Chicago venue, where GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump postponed rally -
  6. The GOP's tacit approval of 's birtherism, bigotry, nativism, racism & xenophobia set the stage for what's happening in Chicago.
  7. I would never encourage violence, but I'm glad people are standing up to !
  8. This is the only way Trump benefits, Chicago GOP hates thinking they're racists.