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Friday, March 11, 2016

#Cruz now blaming Trump for Chicago This is bullshit I used to like this guy. Never trust a lawyer. #TrumpRally #Chicago

  1. Cruz now blaming Trump for Chicago. This is bullshit.
  2. Cruz and Rubio, using Chicago to try and make points. Speak up and tell these hoodlums to go home. Lost any chance of my vote.
  3. Ted Cruz is talking to the press about the Chicago Trump event fiasco. First he blamed protesters, then blamed Trump, then blamed Obama.
  4. Cruz is a bullshitter and I used to like this guy. Never trust a lawyer.
  5. OK, just went full-squish He's promoting himself instead of condemning cocksuckers. Shame on you.
  6. I'm not saying this Chicago rally is Trump's Reichstag fire, but I'm also not saying Ted Cruz isn't the zodiac killer. I'm not saying lots.
  7. No, it's really bad there, too. What anti-Trump crap! I blame the media for the what's happening in Chicago, & Cruz.
  8. Rubio and Cruz just blamed Chicago violence on Obama.
  9. Ted Cruz raises Obama amid Trump Chicago fallout, saying for 7 years he has used moments of crisis to divide us. (And in doing so ...)
  10. Cruz wastes no time to take advantage of the Chicago Protest. Bringing in physical violence on people of the faith
  11. BREAKING: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blame President Obama for unrest at Trump Chicago rally.
  12. LOL Cruz sticking it to Trump for Chicago rally violence. Snake and back stabber, but right on this one thing!
  13. Wow, Cruz trying to blame the Chicago incident on trumps campaign staff...
  14. Ted Cruz blames Chicago mess on President Obama, and 7 years of diving America based on race.
  15. This n wussy too chicken to do a rally in Chicago wat a couple of wussy boys
  16. Ted Cruz: America is better than this.