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Friday, March 11, 2016

Cruz on Chicago protests 'We have seen a President who has sought to divide us on racial lines for last 7 yrs'

  1. Ted Cruz all over the news blaming Donald Trump for Chicago...While Talking about policies? Really? YOU LOST
  2. Can't believe Cruz using Chicago situation to campaign. So wrong.
  3. Cruz is on tv blaming the violence in Chicago on trump. I just lost all respect for Cruz. I was wrong abt him. I'm disgusted
  4. Cruz blaming Chicago on Trump's tone too.
  5. Cruz calls tonight's violence in Chicago a "predictable consequence" of Trump's rhetoric and posture toward protestors.
  6. Cruz blaming Chicago rally riots on Donald Trump! What a weasel!
  7. Ted Cruz basically just came out and said the way Trump runs his campaign caused tonight's problems in Chicago.
  8. Ted Cruz sounds like Obama. "America is better than" Donald Trump. Sheesh. Neocon boy toy. Chicago riots planned by NWO GOPe.
  9. Ted Cruz basically saying Donald Trump was asking for it tonight...
  10. CIA Media! Cruz 2 speak live about Trumps Chicago! SEE, all staged on purpose. Cruz to be alter boy! Trump bully who incited violence.
  11. Team Cruz tells me the senator is expected to address violence in Chicago tonight. More to come...
  12. Ted Cruz speaks out on protests at Donald Trump rally in Chicago
  13. Cruz supporter here- DIRTY POLITICS CHICAGO STYLE ❌❌❌❌❌❌