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Saturday, March 12, 2016

#Cruz #Rubio praising protestors for bringing down #Trump rally.

  1. Cruz/Rubio supporters are now aligned with far left extremists in their hate campaign against . No one should be surprised.
  2. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich blame Trump for violence. Missed opportunity to defend Trump's free speech & look presidential.
  3. The fact that Cruz & Rubio sided with the protesters let us know that they are ok with our country being destroyed. Both are straight losers
  4. Remember this night! is the ONLY candidate defending the Constitution & our freedoms! Cruz & Rubio are exposed as cowards
  5. And of course, Cruz, Rubio & Kasich all supported amnesty (Kasich & Rubio still do!) though they all talk tough when they need our votes.
  6. Now argument being made that CruzRubio were stupid to abandon character attacks on Trump.
  7. Cruz/Rubio/Kasich may have had a shot at Carson's endorsement if they'd compared him to a child molester a couple times.
  8. If rumors of a Cruz-Rubio deal are true, they need to find a way to make sure voters in NC, MO, IL, and OH go Cruz while going Rubio in FL
  9. Your daily reminder that Mitt Romney endorsed Cruz, Rubio, and John Kasich. VOTE
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