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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Donald Trump video features Hillary Clinton barking like a dog

  1. Trump certainly remembers a lot of detail for a story he originally said was made up.
  2. LOL When things don't go the media's way : "this is bizarre".
  3. most liberal women don't know what Sharia law is but they would vote for it if Trump said it was bad. Educate yourselves Liberals!!
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    They all look like lunatics. It's not even subtle and I'm pissed off they have me wanting to root for Trump as result
  5. Director de campaña de Trump, inculpado por lesiones a una periodista - EntornoInteligente
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    Trump's 'Christianity and morals' are like Stevie Wonder's eyesight...
  7. Donald Trump's presidential campaign manager was arrested and charged with battery on Tuesday for allegedly grabbing a reporter, Florida po…
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    Yes that was awesome. Trump loves people..
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    Wow, Mexicans make 8$ hr.😭😭😭really?? Talk about prejudice?? I've never heard Trump mention Mexicans and 8$ HR??Crazy!old man
  10. loyalty..thats rite..trump doesnt sell you the video moron
  11. Americans don't b fooled No anti Trump super package would put Ted Cruz ' s name on a TV AD W/O HIM KNOWING IT PERIOD! HE LIES!!
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media