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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#Trump support with women voters is soaring to new highs in this Reuters poll from March 8

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    You're right but is not a conservative but a deal making populist who does not premise on constitution or rule of law
  2. will make J Edgar Hoover look like a choir boy If he becomes has a insanely light skinned personality.
  3. Hillary to at their first debate: “And I’d to thank you, Donald, for contributing to both my campaign and my Foundation. Luv ya!”
  4. and is Hitler !
  5. . . . . . all media ignore pathetic fraud,lies,failures!
  6. The corporate Money Candidates joining together to attack 2016
  7. innarestabile. Sondaggi dicono che vincerà sia in Ohio che in Florida. A Rubio serve un miracolo.