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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#Utah Establishment CHEATED – Stole Iowa Caucus HUGE VOTER FRAUD (They should do away with Caucus)

  1. won Utah 69% to 14% yet Trumpies are crying fraud. This is their battle cry every time he loses in closed caucus/primary.
  2. Watching Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus CC ARIZONA This is an EPIDEMIC!!!
  3. I think everyone with any common sense smells a rat. Caucus is just a great place to commit fraud.
  4. They should do away with Caucus, they seem to make Fraud easy to do.
  5. Notice the states with the highest voter fraud, reported..Ted Cruz wins and its never investigated
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    LMAO...TO FUNNY..he won caucus like everything...Fraud
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    somebody needs to investigate each caucus state. I bet they will find fraud.
  8. I have been saying all morning that yesterday caucus was a fraud. Just take a look! .
  9. Most of Ted's wins are from caucus states, which are full of voting fraud and 19th century methods like placing your vote in a tin can.
  10. Utah GOP caucus was a complete and total Fraud. Caucus was run by Hillary, and George Soros. Take a look. Does this surprise you?
  11. always the states with voter fraud and closed caucus that Cruz wins...hmmmm
  12. ., make sure the Utah delegates get unseated at the convention, MASSIVE CAUCUS FRAUD!!!
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    There's a story about the possibility of fraud @ utah caucus on DRUDGE right now. Not getting ID'd and given MANY ballots
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    Anything about the possibility of voter fraud @ Utah caucus? Apparently people were given handfuls of ballots, no ID checkd
  15. sinking to new low, voter fraud to win? UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report.
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