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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#Cruz "Honey, how do we get out of the #BRONX Kiss 95 delegates BYE.. Cruz isnt welcome

  1. Why is it Trump gets protester it's a badge of honor but when Cruz gets one in Bronx he gets made fun of
  2. a guy yelled at ted cruz that he isnt welcome in the bronx if hes against immigration. i guess the guy didnt realize the irony there
  3. I miss you, NYC! Cruz Visit To Bronx High School Canceled After Students Threaten Walkout via
  4. If you thought you were having a bad day, take comfort in the fact you were not Ted Cruz in the Bronx. "Where's your visa? Get outta here."
  5. Ted Cruz backtracks on his 'New York values' insult while campaigning in the Bronx
  6. Gotta love the Bronx crapping all over Ted Cruz.
  7. Apparently was unaware include peaceable assembly, freedom of speech and giving the finger.
  8. Immigrant communities in the Bronx yelling at Ted Cruz who is also an immigrant... *pat shrugs
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