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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#Cruz might be rethinking his trip to the Bronx after running into this pissed off NYC voter. NY outraged at Cruz

  1. ***did anyone note the school in the Bronx where cruz was invited & students wanted a walk out. no cruz for them. any news media catch this?
  2. The sound of meatheads in Bronx NY outraged at Cruz over climate change is comic gold.
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    just the traffic byproduct, but I heard about Cruz getting yell at in the South Bronx.
  4. Ted Cruz, Unwelcome In The Bronx, Gets A Taste Of ‘New York Values’ via
  5. The Bronx protester thinking Cruz is a xenophobic racist is believable. That the "protester" cared about climate change though? Not so much.
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    They just proved Ted Cruz's value comment. A good example of their values shown by those Bronx morons.
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    Ted Cruz held a campaign event in Bronx, only 12 voters showed up. Of the 12 voters, at least two of them were protesters.
  8. That whole thing with is funny. Why bother with the stronghold of the uncivil society? Let pander those dolts.
  9. Cruz could have diffused the Bronx cheer by admitting the comment was a mistake.
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