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Monday, April 25, 2016

#Cruz & #Kasich: Like two idiots who bonk heads #NeverTrump ALREADY FRAYING barely 12 hours old

  1. & : Like two idiots who bonk heads diving for a penny on the sidewalk. So desperate for money & power!
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  3. ALREADY FRAYING: Anti-Trump alliance btwn CruzKasich, barely 12 hours old, already fraying
  4. / are dirty, rotten, corrupt establishment shills & want to be PRESIDENT. What would they do in WH? Let that sink in....
  5. Cruz-Kasich pact shows signs of strain | AP photo
  6. WATCH: : Cruz-Kasich deal "shows how weak they are"
    Trump: Cruz-Kasich Deal 'Shows How Weak They Are'
    Donald Trump addresses the John Kasich/Ted Cruz alliance against him at Rhode Island rally. - See the whole picture with ABC News.
  7. Donald Trump blasts Cruz-Kasich partnership at rally in Rhode Island
    See more at
  8. It's one thing for Cruz/Kasich to align in order to subvert the will of the people, but dont look us in the eyes & say its for our own good
  9. If new Cruz/Kasich axis fails to stop Trump, isn't next chess move Jeb!/Jindal? Or maybe McCain/Dole! Carly/Willkie. Romney/Stassen…
  10. The bloom's off the rose? And so soon? And the Cruz/Kasich collusions limps into the sunset...

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