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Monday, April 25, 2016

#Trump Wheels already falling off the Cruz-Kasich axis alliance, The bloom's off the rose? So soon?

  1. If new Cruz/Kasich axis fails to stop Trump, isn't next chess move Jeb!/Jindal? Or maybe McCain/Dole! Carly/Willkie. Romney/Stassen…
  2. The bloom's off the rose? And so soon? And the Cruz/Kasich collusions limps into the sunset... VOTE
  3. LET'S LANDSLIDE EVERY SINGLE STATE FOR ! Stand up to these SLEAZY SCHEMES by establishment candidates Cruz & Kasich!
  4. So what are we to call our NEW candidate, the Cruz/Kasich hybrid? Cruzich? Kascruz? Doe it matter? Trump will still bury them.
  5. Cruz, Kasich Campaign Announce Collaboration to Deny Trump Delegates
  6. 3 Reasons The Cruz-Kasich Anti-Trump Team-Up Isn't 'Corrupt' | Daily Wire
  7. Lyin' Ted Cruz + Kasich = ESTABLISHMENT They want to disenfranchise US.
  8. At the Rate Cruz/Kasich Keep Screwing Up, GOP Establishment Will Revoke Their Puppet Cards
  9. We must stand up to these SLEAZY SCHEMES by establishment candidates Cruz & Kasich! Let's LANDSLIDE •every single• state for Trump!
  10. 2 losers, Cruz/Kasich, trying 2 stop a winner like . U can't stop the Trump Train. Get the hell out the way or get run over.
  11. NEW POLL: soars in General Election vs Clinton. The Cruz/Kasich "Cant Win in Nov" narrative crushed overnight
  12. Cruz/Kasich just sealed the deal. People this dumb aren't fit to be President. A desperate move, strongest proof yet It's over!
  13. Predict that Trump will get to 1237 quicker now with the Cruz/Kasich poor sport side show.
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media