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Monday, April 25, 2016

DUMB AND DUMBER #Cruz #Kasich cut deal to try & stop Trump.. It is "collusion, sad ....drop out""

  1. DUMB AND DUMBER!!!!!!!!!! Cruz & Kasich cut deal to try & stop Trump
  2. The people did not come out to vote for Cruz & Kasich in the primaries, they are not going to support them in the gen election
  3. Trump team responds to Cruz/Kasich calling it "collusion" "sad" and warning his supporters will "drop out"
  4. Cruz & Kasich join forces to stop Trump -- explains why "Indiana's the key to understanding all of this."
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  5. Cruz & Kasich today have shown us their cards they hold in their tiny hands. It's useless.
  6. Never seen anything like this but I've never seen a campaign like this: Cruz & Kasich team up to stop Trump.
  7. Let's be clear-Cruz & Kasich aren't trying to stop Trump-they're trying to stop YOU & ME. This is now a WAR on "we the people" & WE'LL WIN.
  8. Yes Cruz/Kasich, the Republican voter LOVES being openly manipulated like a flock of sheep. Yes, that is VERY hot. More of THAT!
  9. Everything Cruz/Kasich are doing is the EXACT reason Republicans sought an outsider this election in the first place - ignoring voters.
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