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Friday, April 22, 2016

Plan 172 coming to an election near you.... #Plan172 #Rubio needs to save his career as he's leaving Senate #172Plan

  1. Plan 172 coming to an election near you....
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    Rubio needs to save his career as he's leaving Senate. Secy of Labor/Commerce, Help FL=Governorship 172 to Trump@Ricky_Vaughn99
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    I still think trump and Rubio have something big planned... Trump will get most of rubio's 172
  4. Post NY GOP Delegate Count: Trump 844 (47% of delegates won) Cruz 559 (31%) Rubio 172 (10%) Kasich 146 (8%)
  5. The AP delegate count now has Trump at 845 delegates, Cruz 559, Rubio 172, and Kasich 147. 1,237 delegates is needed to win the nomination.
  6. . . seem like he reaches 1175-1220 mark. Rubio's 172 delegates will be crucial. He's just suspended his campaign 🍿🕵🏼🤒😃😎
  7. Do not count on this. Rubio is a EstabHack. Plan 172 needs to be having in every CA Dist (172 dels)
  8. Rubio asking state parties 21 states territories refrain from releasing any 172 delegates he won while campaigning this year To oust Trump?
  9. And Rubio still has ~172 delegates. OH/FL ticket, Hillary? Don't measure for curtains yet.
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    There will be about 130 undeclared delegates, and Rubio's 172 on the first vote, though is maybe half will go to trump
  11. : Rumors "172 PLAN" has 172 delegates has 172 delegates. Manafort is said to be lead

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