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Friday, April 22, 2016

#Rubio is Turning Heads with His 180 on Endorsing Trump for President #Trump: I Want to Bring Rubio Into Campaign #SHOCK #TODAY

  1. : I Want to Bring Rubio Into Campaign Marco Rubio Ready to Endorse Donald Trump and Join…
  2. Is Rubio really endorsing Trump??? If it's so and not a rumor, I'll declare Rubio my least favorite Republican ever.
  3. Friend on Phone is worried the Neo Cons will force Marco Rubio on the Trump ticket as the VP and Trump will be in danger then.
  4. Rubio said he willl endorse if he is the nominee. Delegates bound to begIn warming to Trump
  5. Rubio will never be Trump's VP. He knows what happens when you pour water on a Gremlin.
  6.  In reply to 
    I'd take Rubio over Trump or Kasich any day!!!
  7. Rubio is a liked candidate among voters - I believe a win for Trump if Rubio his vp.
  8. Rubio endorsing Trump for cabinet seat? Now there's someone who was in it for himself.
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