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Saturday, April 2, 2016

TRUMP PEOPLE LOCKED OUT RULES COMMITTEE IN NASHVILLE! Ryan Haynes chairman of Tn. GOP Will be giving delegate votes to Rubio?

  1. RYAN HAYNES CHAIR OF TENN GOP gives Marco Rubio delegates & then says we should not hav name calling! IS HE FOR REAL?? A PC Strawman 4 GOP!!
  2. Retweeted Dan Scavino (): CALL THE TENNESSEE CHAIRMAIN, RYAN HAYNES at 865-919-4094! Let him know you...
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    RYAN HAYNES endorsing someone who is not in the race; who failed badly in his own state, is nuts - Go Kasich if you are anti trump
  4. still have & said that those votes they can pick who they go too. not for trump
  5. Ryan Haynes chairman of Tn. GOP Will be giving his delegate votes to Marco Rubio because...🤔 GOP is truly screwed up 😂
  6. Ryan Haynes TENN GOP Chair gives his delegate to Rubio today, what a set up this RNC has become!!!!
  7. This sums up the GOP Ryan Haynes Tennessee Chairman votes for Rubio who is no longer in the presidential race. Talk about head up the ass!
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    Ryan Haynes () | Twitter
  9. Ryan Haynes GOP Tennessee is a scumbag.
  10. If U think Ryan Haynes is a dirt bag establishment jerk text him & keep calling 1-865-919-4094 vm is full
  11. Ryan Haynes Chairman, Tennessee GOP appears to be stealing delegates Poppy is questioning him on CNN and he is very evasive
  12. Ryan Haynes. You are a puppet. YOU ARE CHOOSING TO VOTE FOR A GUY THATS NOT IN THE RACE. What is that crap?
  13. Ryan Haynes is a lair !!!
  14. . BOYCOTT TENNESSEE TOURISM. TN GOP chairman Ryan Haynes has stolen Trump dels, & replaced them. He's a GD criminal.
  15. Text crooked establishment jerk Ryan Haynes _text &call over&o
  16. & Chairman Ryan Haynes are using the scumbag cheating tactics of Obama. They are stealing Trump delegates. Call 865-919-4094
  17. The RNC guy in charge is Ryan Haynes who happens to be tied to SC GOV Nikki Haley so there is fishy crap going on
  18. Would someone from Anonymous, please hack email from Ryan Haynes TN GOP Chairman & find out how they are rigging delegate process?
  19. Representative Ryan Haynes resigns from Tennessee State House- IS IT BECAUSE YOU WERE "BUTT HURT"?
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    VERY UN-AMERICAN I called Ryan Haynes office - left a message - this is an outrage !!
  21. . TN GOP chair going back on his word to appoint Trump delegates. man of word?
  22. CHAOS IN TN! Help them! Trump ppl are being LOCKED OUT NOW! Call! 865-919-4094, Ryan Haynes, Nashville, TN!
  23. Ryan Haynes of Tennessee,, leave Donald Trumps delegates alone,, no monkey business from you in Tennessee.
  24. Trump needs our help! Stop the Steal! Call the Tenn Chairman Ryan Haynes @ 865-919-4994. We support Trump delegates
  25. @ UR cheating the PPL of the USA U have opened a can of worms. U need 2 FOLLOW the rules & B fired
  26. . losing delegates in TN. going back on word! Please RT & send message to
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