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Saturday, April 9, 2016

#Trump Rumors "172 PLAN" #California has 172 delegates #Rubio has 172 delegates. Manafort is said to be leading the negotiations

  1. 172 plan doesn't necessarily mean Rubio as VP. Rubio has a lot of debts, also Trump could offer him a well paying position somewhere.
  2. some were speculating that's what the rumored 172 plan was...but, I show he has 171 delegates ..CA has 172..just waiting to C ;)
  3.  In reply to 
    Article mentioned negotiating with "a second party". Given title "plan 172", I guess they offer to pay off Rubio's Visa card
  4. What do rumors of a "172 Plan" mean? I have no idea. Best to just stand back and watch. :-)
  5. 172 plan.... has 171 delegates ...California has 172!!! I can't see Trump / Rubio being the plan ...IMO...Rubio = ESTABLISHMENT
  6. Trump needs 2 make VP deal w/ Rubio B4 Calif- would guarantee nomination & Presidency Guarantees Rubio Pres. Heard it here first - 172 Plan
  7. If you read the article, called it "172 Plan" - Rubio has 172 delegates, I believe. This is speculation, of course.

  8. Trump Preparing “Political Punch to the Face” Against Cruz Campaign? Named 172-Plan GO!

  9. :: What do you think of 172 plan...talks about possibly getting Rubio on the . Gets Trump to 1237. #172
  10. The 172 Plan the delegate master 👇👇👇

  11. THE 172 PLAN: Manafort is said to be personally leading the negotiations with Trump’s full approval
  12. BOOM! Paul Manafort begins "Punch to the Face" of Cruz Campaign, with "Plan 172"! Thank God Paul's on our side!
  13. TRUMP'S TOP SECRET "172 PLAN"???? Team Trump Preparing “Political Punch to the Face” Against Cruz Campaign?
  14. Trump's strategist, Paul Manafort, has begun a delegate "kill-shot" called the "172 Plan", which has Cruz panicking!
  15. - how do you find out how to get delegates elected? Also, look into plan'n bout possibly getting Rubio on board
  16. that's what it sounds like to me. Article calls is plan "172" and Rubio had 172 delegates. Waiting for more info
  17. USATODAY: Marco Rubio’s unprecedented plan to stop Donald Trump: Hang on to the 172 delegates he won.…
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