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Friday, May 6, 2016

Ben Rhodes (architect of #Benghazi lies) brags about #Syrian Refugee Lies to make #Obama look good.

  1. Ben Rhodes lies and is an Obama stooge
  2. Rhodes was pitiful when being interviewed by Chris Matthews-just lies and deceptions to cover for Obama.
  3. Ben Rhodes = embarrassment - mouthpiece & has no qualifications for deputy national security adviser - he's spreading administration's lies
  4. Ben Rhodes is the one who started all the lies that Obama is saying do not trust him at all
  5. Rhodes on CNN w/WH ISIS/terrorism talkng pts!😜 He's staffer helped craft lies bout Benghazi/video!Y blieve him?
  6. On Sunday news shows, WH has assigned Obama lackey Ben Rhodes to spread "containment of ISIS" LIE. Rhodes = The Susan Rice of ISIS lies!
  7. >Ben Rhodes LIES. We do NOT have secure ability to research Syrian refugees !!!!
  8. What tool ...Ben of the liars of Benghazi. HE LIES ABOUT SYRIAN REFUGEES. THEY WILL NOT VET!! Liar!!
  9. Rhodes is just another Obama shill, And lies just as well as Obama! Isis Contained? Vetting of refugees? How stupid are we!
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