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Friday, May 6, 2016

Lies, lies & more lies. #Obama Ben Rhodes (Brags about Lies) on vetting #Syrian Refugees, Iranian Deal, #Benghazi

  1. Lies, lies & more lies. RT : ... Ben Rhodes on vetting refugees landing in
  2. Ben Rhodes lies may convince the perpetual grubberable Americans among us,but the rest of us aren't fooled.The pres is endangering us
  3. Ben Rhodes mouthpiece for Obama's lies. Time to protect yourself & your family. Tell Congress NO to Syrian refugees in USA!
  4. Ben Rhodes lies.
  5. Obama's Pro-ISIS Policies Defended By Ben Rhodes, Pledges Big Increase In Islamist Imports, Lies About Vetting ⋆
  6. # Obama Lackey Ben Rhodes Spreads Lies About Vetting Syrian Refugees on Sunday News Talk Shows
  7. Ben Rhodes: Architect of the Benghazi lies. What would he know about anything "robust?" Except, BS.
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  8. Ben Rhodes is a liar. There is NO test, background check that PREDICTS future terror behavior! LIES!
  9. You wonder why we are in this mess Ben Rhodes=Deputy NSA... Degree from NYU in creative writing...he lies creatively
  10. Please ask Ben Rhodes why he continues to tell Americans they can Vet refugees throughly,LIES
  11. Ben Rhodes-History will judge you too. Time to speak up and tell the truth STOP pushing obamas lies. You have to live with your part in this
  12. Ben Rhodes assertion that all are being "thoroughly vetted" is proof of an agenda of Lies and Fraud !
  13. You mean the author of the points, ? Ben "YouTube Video" Rhodes?
  14. Obama's Pro-ISIS Policies Defended By Benghazi Ben Rhodes Pledges Big Increase In Islamist Imports Lies Abt Vetting