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Friday, June 3, 2016

@jenilynn1001 @LadyTConnor I truly believe #Trump will help inner cities, ‏@MJosephSheppard 1m1 minute ago "Clinton Kicked Trump in the Shins"

  1. "Clinton Kicked Trump in the Shins" Fred Kaplan, at Slate Slate
  2. What's more, let's call it what it IS. Discrimination & it's not allowed BY LAW. Trump isn't fit to hold ANY office.
  3. Rush On CA Anti-Trump Mob Violence: 'Breitbart News Was There, Breitbart News Is Everywhere, Breitbart Breitbart
  4. Trump won't debate , as this would be the first time during this campaign, he would be up against veracity!
  5. Awesome! LATINOS FOR TRUMP!
  6. Sanders: We are not going to defeat Trump by throwing eggs
  7. I am sick of people calling Trump a racist simply because he says racist things & is supported by Nazis & white supremacists. —Andy Borowitz
  8. Trump U judge & lying traitor Ryan's new pal is a biased beaner & should have been recused long ago
  9.  In reply to 
    Trump is NOT responsible for any of this! The Protesters are WRONG & VIOLENT. Repubs don't behave this way!
  10. When you order the Omelette to go at Gay Hooters!
  11. Looks like the Trump protesters 'La Raza' decided to beat up and knock out a few Trump female supporters in San Jose last night.