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Friday, June 3, 2016

#Trump Right Again #Priebus gets it right once! #RNC Blasts Jobs Report, Economy Needs a ‘Businessman’

  1. SHOCKER: Priebus gets it right! RNC Blasts Jobs Report, Economy Needs a ‘Businessman’
  2. Bill Clinton: Important Hillary wins in CA bc "we need to go into this convention as a unified party to take on Mr. Trump & the Republicans"
  3. . on Trump: The judge is just as an American as his children. How dare he question his citizenship.
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  4. Today in TrumpLand, US sects argue over which one Trump has offended the most today. Is this the worst?
    WATCH: Donald Trump: "Look at my African-American over here."
  5. Home Depot’s founder is backing Trump–and his reason for doing so is, shall we say, personal
  6. George Stephanopoulos: According to Trump, "no one of Mexican heritage" can judge him fairly
  7. CNN's Ana Navarro tears into Trump over criticism of Mexican-American judge
  8. Let's see what his response is re: Trump's statements today.
  9. RNC autopsy report called for embracing women & minority voters -- but didn't factor in Trump. has more.
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  10. Talking about Heaven and Hell and Life this is very interesting
  11. Point: Trump
  12. As a native Californian who went to Trump Rally, I disagree. There are people with guts. We are outnumbered but here
  13. Not jailing her would be a horrible mistake Clinton: Electing Trump as president would be
  14. I used to think that Trump/Nazi comparisons were over the top. Godwin's Law and all that. Now, tho...If the brown shirt fits...
  15. PUT HILLARY IN JAIL! Donald Trump says Clinton "should be in jail for what she did to our national security"
    Trump: Clinton is a 'Weak Person,' 'Should be in Jail'
    See the whole picture with ABC News.
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