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Friday, April 27, 2018

Strzok was buddies with Rudy Contreras, the original judge in #Fisa

Thread by @prayingmedic: "23) An anon posted an article about the latest texts which prove that agent Strzok was buddies with Rudy Contreras, the original judge in th […]" #Qanon #FakeNews

23) An anon posted an article about the latest texts which prove that agent Strzok was buddies with Rudy Contreras, the original judge in the Michael Flynn case.
It looks like Flynn was setup.
(Contreras was later recused by another judge.)
25) #Qanon responded.
He asked us to make some connections.
Strzok interviewed Flynn.
Strzok's texts were released yesterday.
Today the House Intel committee clears Flynn.
Not a coincidence.
26) Flynn, the master spook, knows who's guilty (where the bodies are buried.)
Trump's team knew Flynn was a target before he joined their team.
He was always the biggest threat to the deep state.
They knew it.
He knew it.
27) The call to Kislyak, the FBI interview, the falsified 302, the kangaroo court, the guilty plea... it was all a smokescreen.
Play acting for the cameras.
Flynn took the [rubber] bullet to appear fatally injured.
Behind the scenes, he was hunting black hats.
28) #Qanon said:

Lawmakers make public?
Lawmakers learned gmail draft comms yesterday?
Lawmakers go hunting?
What is the purpose of a laser pointer?
29) The texts and secret communications between Obama staff and FBI/DOJ black hats give various committees (House & Senate intel, Homeland Security, Senate Judiciary) the ammunition they need to go hunting.
A laser pointer shows you what to focus on.
You have more than you know.
Comms understood?
31) #Qanon draws our attention to a contradiction. If the FBI found no evidence Flynn lied to them why did the SPECIAL COUNSEL charge him with lying?

The FBI WANTED Flynn, but they could not nail him on lying.
Why did Mueller chared him with lying?
33) #Qanon posted links to the 2 articles about Flynn.
One says he pled guilty to lying. The other says there is no evidence he lied.

How do we reconcile them?
Re_read drops.
34) You can go to any of the Q sites ( and search for "Mueller." A few posts come up.
Like this is one.
As many of you know, Robert Mueller met with Trump and Rod Rosenstein the day before he was appointed Special Counsel.
36) Again, it makes no sense.
Why interview Mueller for an FBI job he couldn't accept?
Another smokescreen for the MSM.
I believe Mueller was recruited by Trump to be the Special Counsel.
37) Here's another early drop by #Qanon
We're asked what it is about Mueller that might make him loyal to Trump?
He's a Marine.
I've never accepted the idea that Mueller's time as a Marine could compell him to serve Trump but that seems to be what Q is getting at.
38) Trump has called the Russia investigation a witch hunt, but he's never spoken disparagingly about Robert Mueller.
He attacks Comey but Trump has been professional toward the Special Counsel.
He's even sent messages affirming his support.
39) I believe Trump has been playing a game of misdirection.
He's always known the media's weakness.
Blood in the water.
If you want the #FakeNews to tell a story, give them a little drama.
So he created a whopper, knowing they'd fall for it hook, line a sinker.
40) Trump's team knew the deep state's plan. Flynn and Admiral Rogers provided the necessary intel. They saw the FBI/DOJ crooks plotting a smear campaign.
Insert Manafort & Page into the campaign.
Make the ties to Russia.
Get a warrant to spy.
An obvious trap.
41) Trump & the Generals anticipated an FBI counterintelligence investigation & went along with it. They knew it would become a Special Counsel investigation. Knowing that Comey would want Mueller to be the Special Counsel, Trump met with Bob & told him the plan.
42) The generals knew the black hats will go for Flynn first. Knowing he'd be spied on, Flynn took a call with ambassador Kislyak. He relayed the info to Pence. It's sold as a lie. Big mistake on Flynn's part. Sally Yates screams Flynn could be blackmailed. Trap sprung.
43) Flynn was interviewed by Peter Strzok who may or may not have falsified his report (302) but it doesn't matter. Mueller planned to charge Flynn with lying to the FBI.
(A crime he didn't commit)
Makes no sense
Unless Mueller's goal was to remove him from public view.
45) The charges against Flynn must have surprised the cabal. They were probably hoping for something bigger, but you take what you can get. He was out of the game and (according to the chatter) going broke paying legal fees.
A win for the deep state.
Or was it?
46) As Mueller's investigation moved on, Manafort and Gates were charged.
A couple of money laundering lobbyists.
The MSM celebrated a Trump connection.
But how exactly did that hurt Trump?
It didn't.
47) As the investigation moved on, the deep state rats were picked off one-by-one.
Comey, Baker, Strzok, Page, Ohr, McCabe.
The black hats were being annhilated.
Trump keep screaming "Witch hunt" and whining about how terrible Sessions was.
[But #Qanon said trust Sessions]
48) Even if you don't see Mueller as a white hat (and I don't) it's obvious today that the investigation isn 't what the MSM thinks it is.
They've been blinded by their zeal to portray Trump as a tyrant in danger of being impeached.
They believed their own fake news.
49) Rather than an attempt to impeach a duly elected President, the Mueller investigation has been a small part of a larger plan to expose and prosecute the criminals who hijacked our government.
And a massive distraction that's confused and confounded the media.
50) That's what #Qanon is getting at when he asks us to reconcile these conflicting stories.
They conflict because half of them aren't true.
The media has been bamboozled.
But if you've been following Q, you're way ahead of the game.