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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thread by @LisaMei62: DNC is suing @wikileaks, @Russia, & Trump campaign!

2. Q asked how you can "legally" inject damning (e.g., CP) evidence (think "Insurance" file fm Weiner laptop) into public domain. During trial discovery, evidence can be made public. Today news broke that missing HRC emails were found/must be turned over in Sep. Stall tactic?
3. Grab the popcorn...the TRUMP card is coming. When I read this I immediately visualized & could hear @realDonaldTrump saying "Because you'd be in jail..." (during one of their debates)!
4. Not sure if this is FL or CA. Last palm tree pic filename was "Just_Waiting" & had clouds in the sky. This one has clear skies. Does this signify "all clear" to play the TRUMP card? Watch CA?
5. I just posted about Mack & how she was likely naming names & Q confirms H-wood & gov't pedos...w/PROOF! "Liddle" Adam Schiff is in trouble! The helo crash at Standard Hotel was a hit job on the owner. The border/port are major human trafficking routes.
6. Canary palm tree pic was signal Mack is singing like a canary. Another poss connection: Madam Ghislaine Maxwell procured young girls like Virginia Roberts for Epstein & pals incl Prince Andrew. Her father was found dead near Canary Islands. Murdered?
8. Mack tweeted a photo of Marina Abramovic on 23 Jan this year. Abramovic is connected to EVERYONE in H-wood who is into Spirit Cooking (ref Podesta Wikileaks emails) & occult/Satanic rituals. She is most likely involved w/child sex trafficking as well.
9. Pic of BHO w/young girl. Note bandage on left middle finger (like John Podesta). Did Hussein partake in a Spirit Cooking dinner where participants are told "with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain"?
10. An anon asked if young girl in pic w/Hussein is "Wendy" from @realDonaldTrump's tweet where he called DWS "Wendy Wasserman Schultz". Q confirmed either her name is Wendy or anon is on right track but pic taken during vacation at Martha's Vinyard is w/12yr old Maggie Nixon.
11. Now we know why Q says archive everything OFFLINE. Voat site down. DS trying to scrub Pizza/Pedogate research fm web. Schiff, Hussein, Mack & "Wendy" (Maggie Nixon?) connected. 3 "Instagram celebs" incl Mariah Coogan killed in plane crash. 187'ed?
12. "This door will be opened later." It's a deep, dark, disturbing, evil rabbit hole I went down in Oct 2016 when @wikileaks published the Podesta emails w/pedo code & connections to Abramovic, Alefantis (Comet Ping Pong Pizza), etc. I've been praying this evil would be stopped.
13. This article Q shared is about Maggie Nixon's grandmother, Agnes Nixon, who created soaps incl As The World Turns (noticed it's not mentioned in this piece). An episode of ATWT was interrupted to announce that JFK was shot.

14. An anon replies to Q asking how many pics of Hussein & Maggie we can find. Age 10, 11, 12….

Based on this pic, he's been "with her" since she was 10 (before he announced his run for POTUS). This has been posted publicly (open source) all this time. Archive offline!
15. Drops are warning shot fm @POTUS to DS. Allison Mack has proof of high-level pedos in H-wood & gov't. It will snowball UPHILL. Pics of Hussein & Maggie posted by DS as leverage over him? Pet names possibly = MK Ultra trigger words. Maggie = Wendy?