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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thread by @ThomasWictor: "(1) This is really disgraceful. Does the fact that the CIA hired mobsters

9 tweets11 hours ago
(1) This is really disgraceful.

Let me ask you a question:

Does the fact that the CIA hired mobsters mean that the entire country of the United States is forever tainted?
(2) Should NO COUNTRY ON EARTH ever do business with the United States because approximately EIGHT members of the CIA hired mobsters?
(3) "The Saudi government" was not behind 9/11.

Men who WORKED FOR the Saudi government are accused of being involved in 9/11.
(4) The CURRENT government has ZERO connection to the government of 2001.

The Saudis made peace with Israel in 2006. We know that because they gave Israel intelligence on Hezbollah, and then Israel sold weapons to the Saudis in 2007.
(5) It's time to THINK CLEARLY.

King Salman spent FIFTY YEARS fighting corruption as Governor of Riyadh.

Mohammed bin Salman spent two straight years FIRING EVERYBODY.
(6) Saudi Arabia is implementing the most sweeping cultural changes in human history.

Mohammed bin Salman just gave an interview in which he said that all humans have the right to choose their own religion, and Muslims can't force Islam on others.
(7) Am I glad that we're selling weapons to Saudi Arabia?

Damn right I am.
(8) This is a lawsuit against the wrong people.

OF COURSE the Saudis are fighting it. They're in an untenable position.
(9) It's time that we stop thinking of Saudis as the boogeymen.

The current government had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

Period. End of story...