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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Thread by @ThomasWictor: "(1) Good LORD. There's no bottom to hit. Craziest thing I've ever read.

(2) Do they think we've forgotten that she was a sure thing?

And now it's, "A doomed campaign."
(3) "The challenge on the campaign was that you had a reporter holding the Clintons to a higher standard through a lower standard of reporting."

(4) What is it about Democrats and their need to create cult figures?
(5) I'm a HUGE supporter of @realDonaldTrump --but I have no need to meet him, talk to him, or shake his hand.

He's our greatest president.

That's enough for me.
(6) When Trump is finished, I want him to return to the life he had BEFORE he took on this gargantuan task.

The work he's doing is all I require.

He owes me NO PART of himself.
(7) I studied Trump, so I understand what he's doing.

But he's a pivotal figure in history.

That sets him apart. Turning him into a cult figure trivializes him.
(8) It's almost impossible for ANY of us to grasp what Trump is doing.

He's literally fixing the world.

At home and abroad.
(9) The Clintons never had any intention of fixing ANYTHING.

Their idea of being president came from stupid movies.

THAT is what's so amazing:
(10) Trump is a film fanatic who has created a persona--and yet everything he's doing is real.

All the presidents who claimed to be real will just characters in movies that were playing in their own heads.
(11) I always had the idea that Obama would look at himself in mirrors and mutter, "I'm the president!"

Or he'd say to his daughters, "The president asks that you pass him the mashed potatoes."
(12) In one of his many campaign appearances, Trump promised that he'd never let his job go to his head.

I believed him.

Trump and Mohammed bin Salman hit it off because they're the same.

Their great power allows for endless IMPROVEMENT.
(13) I thought the Middle East would be troubled forever, and I thought that North Korea would TROUBLE forever.

Trump appears to have solved both issues.

Now, don't get me wrong: It's not TRUMP ALONE.
(14) Trump has delegated, and he's chosen the right people, and he's made sure that enemies know that they don't have to remain enemies.

If the North Koreans come around, THEY DESERVE CREDIT.
(15) This is the brilliance of Trump and Mohammed bin Salman.


This isn't about domination; it's about cooperation.

(16) It was always said that it takes a person with a giant ego to want to be president.


But Trump has shown that a great president must go a step further and become humble.
(17) When I studied Japanese shotokan karate, we started with a white belt.

Then we went to green, brown, and black.

The higher you go in black-belt degrees, the lighter your belt becomes, through wear and washing.

So you end up with a white belt again.
(18) It's very strange:

Growth is a return to simplicity.

Common sense. Humility.
(19) We were smart enough to elect Trump, and he's delivering.

(20) "They were never going to let me be president."

What a pathetic lie.

The entire GLOBE tried to prevent Trump from being president.
(21) Hillary didn't lose.

Trump WON.

And he will keep on winning.

I for one will not get sick of it...