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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Q Has Changed! - Have you noticed it? Do you follow Q? It’s not subtle.

Q Has Changed!

Have you noticed it? Do you follow Q? It’s not subtle.

After many months of following Q, at first quite skeptically, I’ve come to understand the way Q is working. All is not as it seems. Things are different now.
When Q first hit in November of 2017, I was fortunate enough to find the posts. I was confused by the ‘codes’ and easily misconstrued messages. I watched and listened to those that claimed to be able to decipher his meanings. December was a month of learning for me. It was also a month of unlearning.
I’m not late to the dance. I understood, even though I didn’t want to, how dirty and ugly our American government had become. How politicians had thoroughly bastardized our founding father’s intent. There’s no room for this type of greed and depravity in our great society.
When the Branch Dividian’s were slaughtered, I lived a hand full of miles from the site. Ruby Ridge was sickening and events that have followed made it clear that the US government was to be feared.

Q is Relaxed.

Q went from rallying the troops to, educating the faithful, to soothing the impatience of the woke. The message has changed as followers have been brought into the fold.
It is obvious we are now in the final stage of the initial take down of the Cabal. Turmoil will follow as those that are believers in the Cabal will protect it with all their might.
Pedos are, and will be, running for their very lives. Some will stay and fight, some will move to Australia, many are very well known names. Those that fight will lose, those that run, can’t run far enough, those that scurry back into their holes will be routed out.
Donald J. Trump is on a mission. The mission is for the betterment of mankind throughout the world. Q is a necessary communication tool. Occasionally, DJT has visited Q boards, as an observer and as a participant, incognito.

But, Q Has Changed.

No longer is Q beating the drum. Q is exuding confidence. The tide has turned, DJT and his mighty base of support have taken control, finally.
Hence the change in our Q logo. Q represents all that DJT stands for. And DJT has the Illuminati, the NWO, the Cabal, and the Pedophiles surrounded. This will result in all of the above being virtually eliminated, or at the very least, severely crippled.
It’s not everyday that you are privy to a rebirth of mankind and mankindness. We’ve been taught to hate, not love, by those before DJT. We have to fight them, no matter what it takes, to get our collective humanity back.

Credit Where Credit is Due.

DJT is our President, our leader. As such, he deserves an enormous amount of credit and respect. He’s taking a lot of flack for just caring and being alive. But, he couldn’t do this without the full backing of the military. Which have gone to the mat to make this change happen. It’s a team effort, a love of country, and unselfish motives that will finally remove this evil from our government.
Take a deep breath and be prepared for the ride ahead. They’ve got this.

God Bless the USA!