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Saturday, March 2, 2019

McCabe: 'Overwhelming Likelihood' Trump Won't Finish His Term; Disputes IG's Assertion He Lied to... Friday on "CBS This Morning," former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe questioned the conclusions drawn by last year's inspector general report,

Even Democrats will not start fake impeachment in an election cycle. He will absolutely finish his term unless the #DeepState pulls another Kennedy!
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My support is free.I supported him way before he succeeded in one single thing. I believed God had a purpose for him. I do not support him for what he can do for me either. That is why my support is unwavering.I support him because he loves us, and our country.That costs nothing!
Mr. Wood is right. fake apologies for Covington smears are fooling no one.
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Lin Wood
Washington Post “deletes” false tweet & immediately reposts it. The act of an arrogant, non-contrite bully. Media bully learns no lesson until it pays for damage, unequivocally admits wrongdoing & pledges to never again bully & falsely attack child without proper investigation.…