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Sunday, May 20, 2012

#Nuclear power...what is the price? The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

Rob Salzman

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Katherine Schock originally shared this post:
Nuclear power...what is the price? In this case, the health of the whole Pacific Ocean and everything in may be on the way to certain death. Radiation is rapidly spreading and no one knows what it will do to the earth and its people!
The Pacific Ocean Is Dying »
Just prior to the Supermoon of March 18th, 2011, the world witnessed a natural and manmade disaster of epic proportions. What transpired off the coast of Honshu Island, Japan on March 11 has forever a...
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Wow what a night! Sooo much better pics are coming of the eclipse (by others) so this is just a preview. Ha and a really cool looking accident taken through a welding mask and mmmm shrimp and other goodies on the barbie! Happy bday to my SIL and GS. I love my kiddos. :)
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