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Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlize Theron shaved her head for Mad Max reboot

Aaron Cobb

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No real pics yet though.  Looking forward to seeing her!
Are you ready? Charlize Theron shaved her head for Mad Max reboot! »
Charlize Theron has had a publicity-packed last few months after adopting a baby boy and appearing in two Hollywood blockbusters: Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus! But the blonde bombshell is sure to grab headlines again after getting her head shaved! Charlize was spotted Thursday dining in West Hollywood with a full buzz cut and ETOnline can confirm the loss of locks is for her new role in Mad Max: Fury Road. The film reboot of the 197...'



Brother Ramon7:25 PM

Charlize Theron will do anything to make a good movie better. Have you seen her in "Monster"??? She plays the title role, and she makes herself so ugly she's unrecognisable!

Nayl Gonzalez8:07 PM
she's such a good actress
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Marcy Kennedy

7:17 PM  -  Public
We all fall into one of two groups—those who were bullies and those who were bullied.

In Snow White and the Huntsmanthe evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) is the ultimate bully. She sucks all beauty from the world around her, not just from the women whose youth she steals. The once-lush countryside withers, and under her rule, people forget what it means to be good and kind and happy.

She gets pleasure...
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Do Bullies Sometimes Win? Snow White and the Huntsman - Marcy Kennedy | Marcy Kennedy »
Snow White and the Huntsman: Have you faced a bully before? How did you handle it? Do you agree that bullies only win when we let them? - by Marcy Kennedy
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Mike Adams

8:01 PM  -  Public
Just saw Prometheus. Pretty good movie but left a lot of questions. Loved the visuals, especially in 3D IMAX and Michael Fassbender's performance as the android David was spectacular. :D

#Prometheus  Charlize Theron Ridley Scott #Alien  
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Tyra Banks

Jun 3, 2012  -  Public
Smize of the Week: Charlize Theron knows how to keep her smize lookin' effortless! "Werk" it girl!


Izabelcristina Silva12:51 PM

Luana Bispo5:46 PM
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