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Friday, November 13, 2015

‏@AnnCoulter They can wait if they like until next November for the actual balloting, but Donald Trump was elected president tonight.

  1. They can wait if they like until next November for the actual balloting, but Donald Trump was elected president tonight.
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    call Chelsea Clinton if you want to know the truth.
  3. Why does NO ONE say the obvious thing on TV?! It's insane. Don't want terrorism in US? Stop importing Muslims!
  4. TRUMP 2016!
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    So, what video upset the murderers in Paris?
  6. 100% of TV talk is @ fighting ISIS--IN SYRIA. Bomb away, but isn't there something else we should consider? Like not letting ISIS move here?
  7. What's the upside of letting millions of Muslims migrate to western countries?
  8. Can we all agree now? No more Muslim immigration. How is this making life better for us? But the mass immigration machine churns on ...
  9. Every year, the US imports 100K more Muslims to live here permanently. Rubio says he wants more. Why would anyone support him?
  10. Too bad there were no concealed carry permits ... anywhere in Europe ... since 1818.
  11. All we need is people rushing to the street with candles and we'll have these savages on the run!
  12. Diversity is a strength!
  13. ANGER? We can't even deport 3rd world pouring in, committing murder, child rape, Ft Hood, 9/11 etc. It's not "adult"
  14. Paris death toll up to 100. U.S. college students need to tell Parisians about real violence from Halloween costumes & "trigger words."
  15. Obama just canceled a speech about closing Gitmo.
  16. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? French people ran onto the street with signs that said, 'Je Suis Charlie'! Why didn't that stop this?
  17. How does one say "DREAMERS" in French?
  18. How does one say "Illegal immigration is an act of love" in French?
  19. But it would be too expensive to deport them. That's not an"adult" solution.
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    They did, yes, and the real disaster was they refused to even tell the doctors what they used so they could help.
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    If France responds appropriately, they'll be called fascists. If they don't, the fascists will keep murdering them.
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    Today's Trib story embodies your points on illegals. Excited for your Freedom Fest appearance
  23. There's an Audible! It's fantastic. Whole book read by moi!
  24. Because they're lazy f--s who refuse to MECHANIZE.
  25. The kind Rubio wants to make Americans.
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    I like 's idea to start deportations at the border and work up. I lived in Houston and trust me, half of the 30 mil+ are there.
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    this is terrible,can somebody protect this fragile kids all around the world?
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    .'s only mistake Saying in 2011 that Yale has too much intellectual pride to behave like braying animals
  29. Mexican woman: I was raped 43,200 times: "I was sexually abused and mistreated from the age of five by a relative,"
  30. Our new country is going to be great! "They knew we were minors..not even developed..girls who were only 10 yrs old"
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    If TRUMP wins he MUST DEPORT ALL anchor babys along with their parents saving $Trillions 2 taxpayers.
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    We can't arrest 10 million drug dealers so we might as well give them free health care pay for their kids college
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    Interviewing today!
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    lists what illegal immigrants get when they come to America
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    Great article by on GOP Debate. She totally nails it on rubio & !!
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    So happy I got to sign my book tonight!!
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    As an Australian I have to say that & make American politics fascinating.
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