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Saturday, November 14, 2015

#Paris Why is #Obama speaking? He's now irrelevant. #Europe will need to figure this out for themselves

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    Same media people who thought Obama's past ties to a domestic terrorist were irrelevant are now dissecting Ben Carson's childhood. Got it.
  2. Why is Obama speaking? He's now irrelevant.
  3. Quick Coulter, something happened - don't miss your chance to make an anti-Obama comment, however irrelevant and callous.
  4. America has never been more irrelevant to the world than what it has been under
  5. Making wholly irrelevant statements about Obama and Kerry and Clinton? I'll take mum, thanks.
  6. Not really interested in what Obama has to say right now to be honest. Irrelevant. Peoples lives still on the line.
  7. Obama is irrelevant. Has been for some time now. We will undo, every bad thing he has done. He is NOTHING.
  8. You're probably one of those that thinks all Republicans hate gay people & jerks off to Obama. Irrelevant.
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