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Friday, January 1, 2016

‪#‎Atlanta‬ Who remembers Snow Jam 1982

‪#‎Atlanta‬ Who remembers Snow Jam 1982
Jean Smith Oh yea
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Darren Pierce I was stranded at home with no way to get food. Me and my brother ate popcorn and sweet tea for two days. I had a friend that had a 4X4 who drove from Lithonia to Lithia Springs to take us to grocery store. Kim Jenkins Ward
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Gregory Priest Who WANTS to remember any snow jam??? gasp emoticon
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Shelley B Coleman Got engaged that morning . Never got home that night.
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Mark A Gravitt Got snowed in at the dentist's.
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Pauline Ray I WAS IN IT!!!!!
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Patricia Vandiver My mother was working for Sears in Buckhead she and 3 other ladies were trying to get home they ended up staying in one of the downtown motels sleeping on the floor for $2.00.My husband went to get her the next morning.
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Nancy Adamson Lemberg Most definitely! Waiting anxiously at home with a 5 yr old and a 1-1/2 yr old while it took my husband several long hours to drive home. Before cell phones so I just had to pray and trust he would get home safely.
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Billy Lloyd I started driving ended up walking 5 miles home. Cold too
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Margrit Nash I got home in the afternoon. Had an emergency at home and made it. Heard stories about the snowstorm. Was stranded in my house for a number of days, cannot remember any details
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Debra Burroughs McEwen Oh, Lord, yes! We lived in Apts on Northern Ave at Memorial & 285. I came the back way home....very treacherous but I made it to within a mile or so then couldn't make it up the last hill because of all of the stranded cars in the roadway. Took my h...See More
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Dee Sinram I remember it b/c I was miles from home with 2 little boys in the car that didn't know their mother smoked!
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Brad Goble I lived across the street from 7-11 and Billy's on Savoy. I was set and wanted it to last longer.
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Marian Powers Remember it well.
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Gina D'Agnese Yes I was at West Georgia College. No classes for a week. We slid in the snow in our cafeteria trays
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Lauri Williamson Carter I was there! On Buford hwy. Had to leave my car!
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Patricia Vandiver J.Scott Vandiver since we both have the same last name,who is your father and grandfather? I have had two other people on here wanting to know if we were kin.Of course it would be by marriage for me.
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Odessa Miller Peacock Oh yeah...
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Odessa Miller Peacock I lived in College Park and we o r ked downtown...
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Becki Vargo Breslin I remember
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Odessa Miller Peacock worked downtown, my son was 2..took me 81/2 hrs to get to him..A Nirmal 40 min drive..
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KC Trapp Scott I was a kid home from school, loved it!
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Kaye Pate I do. Left my car on the side of the road and walked part of the way home.
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Rick Allen It looks like the city is covered in ash from getting nuked.
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Diane Kirk Bell I do, had to spend the night in the office I worked in. The next morning it wasn't difficult to get home because all the cars were abandoned on the side of the road. Spent the rest of the week at home.
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Dianne Moore Me would like to forget, my Uncle stuck in it, my busted pipes, stranded car walking home, etc.....
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MaryBeth Harmon Fewell Do I ever thank goodness I had a Volkswagen only took 8 hrs to get from Chamblee to Decatur, back Rds the whole ways!!!
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Judy van Goodwin My mom got stuck at the Atlanta Trade Center downtown - they just happened to be having a mattress convention so she and all the other people stranded had a place to sleep! And the Burger King provided free food - she had a good time I think!
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Kevin Connors Drank a lot of Crown Royal during that storm lol
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Rosemary Phillips Poole I had a VW beatle. It took me hours to get home. Frozen!
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Rufus Cross I heard about it. I was in the military at the time stationed in Germany.
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Colleen Curtin DeBusk I was home with a 3 yr old &
6 months pregnant
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Jan Williams Out of school for a week so it was great then! Lol
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Dawn Doster Cardwell It took me 2 1/2 days to get home from work.
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Patricia Nocke Had a VW Bug and got around just fine. I was inBuckhead across from Sears and folks were stuck for hours. I took phone numbers to call their families!! On a pay phone. No cells back then.
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Mark Hope Had a Toyota Landcruiser with new tires and drove people all over Atlanta.
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Carlene Efird I remember it well
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Cheryl Emmett Bennett Forever in my memory! !
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Debbie Sheppard Williams Oh how I remember, it took me 5 hours to drive from Briarcliff Rd to St. Mt. with my 6 yr old son!
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Patricia Dekle Coleman I remember!
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Donna Patterson Worked on Marietta St. at the Federal Reserve Bank. Left work and was able to make it around one block in six hours. Went back to work where I slept on the floor. Made it home the next day in less than three hours. What a horrible experience except for the wonderful humanity shown during the storm.
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Susan H West My husband worked for Thurston motor lines off of Moreland. We lived in Morrow & it took him over 3 hrs to get home. We haven't progressed very much since "82.
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Rhonda Andrews- Cobb What about 2013.....stuck for 17 hours north of Camp Creek Pkwy? Who can forget that! 1982 it took my parents 8 get from downtown Atl to Cascade Rd. A 10 min drive.
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Trudi Dido I stayed home with the kids and played in it...My mom didn't raise dumb kids
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Shelby Waters I was a Hall Co. Sheriff's/Fire/EMS Dispatcher... in Gainesville, Ga. My Mom was at the KMart in Buford on 400, and I knew they had to come home. 400 was not the bustling expressway it is now, and I was terrified. Thank
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Shelby Waters (oops!) My Dad was in another car behind her...Thank God!! (and I mean that because I prayed under my breath in between all of my calls!!) They both got home to Gainesville safe!!
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Sue Creech I do!
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David Patterson I was out in it running non-stop ambulance calls for 3 days. Snow tires and chains and plenty of coffee.
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