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Sunday, February 14, 2016

#CBS SOUTH CAROLINA TRUMP 42% Cruz 20% Rubio 15% Kasich 9% Bush 6% Carson 6% #cbsnews

  1. CBS NEWS POLL: Who won the : Marco Rubio 32% Donald Trump 24% John Kasich 19% Ted Cruz 12%
  2. Kasich: "I don't think Harry Truman could get elected through this process." Uh yeah, he became president when his boss died.
  3. Kasich:Obama should't pick justice so "the people can have a say." Didn't we "have a say" in 2 elections that picked Obama for 2 full terms
  4. Kasich is a two faced liar that has RUINED Columbus Ohio with flooding it with Somolians w/ machete's!
  5. Kasich -the soft-spoken "uniter" -has the worst record on reproductive rights of all nominees, backed by the "Lord."
  6. BREAKING .. New CBS SC Poll has with a yuge commanding lead! Trump 42% Cruz: 20% Rubio 15% Kasich: 9%
  7. Thinking more and more Trump/Kasich too.