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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Christie tore a new one into #Rubio at the N.H debate Lather, rinse, Repeat Repeat Repeat

  1. Debate takeaway: Rubio: Lather, rinse, repeat. Trump: "I can't answer the question so I'll just keep repeating my 3-letter word - Win."
  2. rubio best moment was on that and the 5 dem debates. Ask them. So right.
  3. I use to like Chrisitie, but he was mean, over the top attacking Rubio. I believe in the Reagan rule, attack Ds not Rs.
  4. Wow even Democrat pundits are talking up Rubio even though he was a YUGE disaster in that debate.
  5. Rubio, your a Nice Person but your embarrassing yourself with repetitive remarks, Facts are Bogus, Accomplishments are None
  6. Debat capres Republik; Rubio layu, Trump ditjaya: Bakal calan presiden kubu Republik yang tengah naik daun Mar...
  7. If Rubio were to win (he won't), there'd be no need for the #2 on phones. We'll all be speaking Spanish.
  8. Marco Rubio on rails
  9. LOL Yes! wilts and gets more slimy!