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Sunday, February 14, 2016

#Kasich asks why we can't take down all the negative ads (Kasich lying about his Obamacare/Medicaid)

  1. Kasich is using the same peacemaker rhetoric as in every debate, but tonight it is working. This debate is an embarrassment.
  2. The fact that John Kasich is trying to act like the "adult" in the room is irritating...
  3. Kasich doesn't want "negative fighting." Translation: Stop telling the truth about my Obamacare/Medicaid lies!
  4. Gov. Kasich says he's sick of the negative campaigning and is going to stay positive.
  5. Kasich lying about his Obamacare/Medicaid expansion embrace. Again. DRINK!
    This Tweet is unavailable.
  6. First 40 mins: 1. Rubio 2. Jeb! 3. Cruz 4. Trump 5. Kasich 600. Ben Carson Agree? Disagree?
  7. John Kasich says we should not be policemen of the world. Should not engage in civil wars.