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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#NHPrimary Exit polls from #NewHampshire say 65% of Republicans say Saturday debate played a role in their choice

  1. 🇺🇸 CNN BREAKING 🇺🇸 EARLY EXIT POLLS: 46% decided within days of vote 65% impacted by debate (bad for Rubio)
  2. Preliminary exit polls show a plurality of New Hampshire GOPers considered themselves condescending assholes, a great sign for !!
  3. Kasich's chances at 2nd place just jumped to 56% after exit polls show many voters took into account the recent debates, when Rubio tanked.
  4. Any exit polls coming out? I am a bit!
  5. Get the inside scoop: fresh analysis of NH exit polls in real time Check in throughout the night:
  6. INDEPENDENTS: 42% voted GOP (up from 2008), 39% voted Dem (down from 2008) -- exit polls
  7. Exit polls have people voting 100% that Cruz is a dick
  8. Rubio's "We'll pick up some delegates" and CNN exit polls questions paint a gloomy result IMO. Welp.
  9. They've been doing a countdown to exit polls The time RAN Out & they reset it to 2 hours It's at 1 h 37 min now
  10. New exit polls show that 2/3 of New Hampshire GOP voters have lost their marbles.