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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Rubio "Momentum in politics is perishable. Once lost, it is almost never regained." (Trump dominates)

  1. When Rubio argued w Cruz over illegal immigration & said "You wanted to trump Trump," they both lost conceding Trump dominates this issue
  2. Bush is talking like a man who knows he's lost but damn well plans to bring this impudent upstart Rubio down with him.
  3. I think the supports you lost with this latest stunt will pump up Fox ratings. Go Cruz/Rubio
  4. "electability" is lost on many on far left & far right. Rubio only logical Republican nominee
  5. Rubio lost 6 net points on Trump in this poll...
  6. Did u hear Fox exec Debate Chief's daughter is on Rubio's payroll I have lost all faith in Fox That's just me