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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Trump faced hostile crowd of donors at #GopDebate campaigns only given 20 tickets

  1. Trump needs to provide more substance in future debates. He has to stop being so vague.
  2. trump? Wrong? Never!
  3. : Fox says Trump demanded $5 million donation Calls Ted Cruz an 'Anchor Baby
  4. Time 4 Trump & Carson have their own Debates Without MEDIA FIXING IT Have their own TV time
  5. Si Donald Trump es el jodido Buda comparado contigo cuando juegas al Risk, nos vamos a llevar bien.
  6. Donald Trump: I'd bring back 'a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding' ” A Trump presidency would be torture enough
  7. Personal Invite to Follow Me and Support Trump
  8. it seems to me or no one else would have to if he didn't
  9. ": : "This has been a great debate for Donald Trump.""
  10. donald trump has no time to put this cowardly rumor to rest.
  11. you win by leading and making a confident case for your values. Trump is. His values are insane, but it's why he's up
  12. it seems to me or no one else would have to if he didn't all the time when other's try to speak lol