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Friday, March 11, 2016

Good grief Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are blaming Donald Trump for the protest in Chicago!! What the hell is wrong

  1. Good grief Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are blaming Donald Trump for the protest in Chicago!! What the hell is wrong...
  2. Ted Cruz speaks out on protests at Donald Trump rally in Chicago
  3. Cruz on Chicago protests 'We have seen a President who has sought to divide us on racial lines for last 7…
  4. When asked about Chicago: Trump:"It's a result of Obama" Rubio:"Donald's fault" Cruz:"camera time? STUMP SPEECH!"
  5. I respect Cruz & Rubio but disappointed both using the Chicago riots as talking points against someone. Use it against Sanders & Clinton.
  6. OMG-Cruz is on camera vomiting talking points, not addressing animals in Chicago. Please! He was my choice until tonite.
  7. Cruz is sounding like he's pre-programmed. Using the leftist disturbance in Chicago to drone on with his messgae points. Silly.
  8. Rubio made sense in that statement Cruz Chicago going to hell in a basket and he's babbling
  9. Ted Cruz speaking live now on TV blaming Trump for the mini-Race War in Chicago tonight. Go to hell SCUMBAG!
  10. . No one wants to hear Raphael Cruz talk about the Affordable Care Act tonight.
  11. Cruz is a bottom feeder. The more I hear him talk, the less I like him. Chicago? It's good when certain people dislike what you stand for.
  12. Whats Up with Cruz~ if he goes to Chicago and no problem~ there is the answer~ all planned
  13. Ted Cruz doing what he does best on the news, lying his ass off. Taking advantage of Chicago protest to say Trump has no policies.
  14. Who PAID 4 the demostrations 2 take place this evening n Chicago? Who Paid Demonstrators: Romney, Move On, Bernie, Cruz or our OWN GOP/RNC??
  15. While Chicago burns, Cruz is talking about how he has only delegate path to beat Trump. I cannot believe what I'm seeing.
  16. Me either. I will write Trump in. Ppl blaming Trump for even going to Chicago...Cruz holds a press conference
  17. Cruz says he's upset and sorry he made racists statements that caused Chicago riots and he's suspending his campaign. IOWA GOTCHA! :) :)
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