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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

TRUMP (right again) talks COMMON SENSE about NATO- why should USA pay 72% share, when GERMANY pays next to nothing?

  1. TRUMP talks COMMON SENSE i.e.NATO- why should USA pay 72% share, when nations like GERMANY pay next to nothing? - too many FREE LOADERS !
  2. If Jeff Sessions has Trump's ear, then must mean believes we should end NATO and put nukes in Japan & S. Korea
  3. But again...Trump is questioning NATO...the only 1 doing I dont understand your quarell?
  4. The NATO alliance Trump doesn’t see
  5. The NATO Alliance Trump Doesn't See - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric about an “o...
  6. Trump is right about NATO Bush and Clinton have to stop Cruz is owned by Bush vote Trump
  7.  In reply to 
    You mean to tell me what Trump said about NATO isnt exactly what u just described?
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