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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Who is Tiffany Trump? #TrumpFamily See @TiffanyATrump defends father @realDonaldTrump's treatment of women:

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  3. Melania, Ivanka, And Tiffany Trump: Our Man Treats Women And Men Equally. All like crap, well I guess that's fair appraisel
  4. Tiffany Trump says her dad is the best father in the dare she take my daddy's title for Drumpf!
  5. as well as MelaniaTrump and Tiffany Trump they all did a great job
  6. Anyone else wondering why Tiffany Trump had to interview for a job when all the other Trump kids work for the family biz?
  7. Poor Tiffany Trump. "My dad is a mentor. Sometimes I see him on TV making speeches..."
  8. Tiffany Trump is way more mature than I was at her age
  9. Tiffany trump got the short end of the stick
  10. We rarely see Tiffany Trump; daughter of Marla Maples. She is very beautiful.
  11. Tiffany Trump is "so sad" mom Marla Maples got booted from :
  12. I'm moving to New York to seduce Tiffany Trump, get in the Trump inner circle, and take him down once and for all. Wish me luck...
  13. 11 things you didn't know about 's daughter Tiffany Trump:
 Polling on Social Media was more on target in 2016 election than the expert news media