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Saturday, July 14, 2018

President Trump sitting in Winston Churchill’s chair!

  1. President Trump sitting in Winston Churchill’s chair!
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    One would think. I mean, they do get trained on it. They do. They work with actors and each other, then patients. They learn it, but those biases are strong, and when an attending has the same biases and confirms their biases, they think it's good medicine.
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    In case you forgot, the three deceitful, lying, inept politicians who gave us Barrack Obama are ... W Bush , John McCain and Mitt Romney . These same three globalists want to fail , they all voted for Hillary .
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    JMK you are so very kind! Thank you for standing up and fighting for ME! My heart is full knowing there is kindness, generosity, empathy and LOVE that still prevails in this country! I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me. May you be blessed in turn ❤️

  5. How long before liberals drum Senator Coons out for being a traitor? Dem Senator Worries His Party Is Going Too Far Left via
  6. None of you care about anyone but yourselves. Power addicts, smug and pompas , constantly screaming at us how bad we are, while exhibiting the behavior you accuse us for.   &