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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Kasich before debate is 11% was brilliant and doing very well in NH (making sense on CNN)

  1. 2016 New Hampshire Republican Primary: CNN/WMUR/UNH 2/3-6 Trump 33% Rubio 16% Cruz 14% Kasich 11% Bush 7% Fiorina 6% Christie 4% Carson 2%
  2. Congratulations to GOP's Debate Saturday Night, it is more tame, still it has a barrage of attacks with each other. KASICH is brilliant.
  3. Kasich is not for the middle class.
  4. "Governor Kasich, how would you respond?" "IT'S A MADHOUSE!"
  5. ■CNN速報(米版):"We're going to do very well" in N.H., John Kasich tells CNN's Jake Tapper. Watch Kasich and Chris Christie on special "Stat…
  6. Statements like that RT : Kasich: ‘I ought to be running in a Democrat primary’
  7. Jeb stupid and pathetic, and sadly Kasich not with the state of our NATION very much.
  8. Kasich doing well, making sense on CNN. Wish he had more time in other settings. Folks should pay attention to him
  9. I think my mom has a crush on John Kasich.
  10. Wow, John Kasich just said Ronald Reagan expanded Medicaid 5 times. I didn't know that.
  11. John Kasich is part of the establishment. He's the gov of Ohio. Ran for president before and failed miserably.
  12. cause we haven't heard Christie was an AG, Kasich is a successful Gov., & trump will make things GREAT 1,000,000x
  13. I like Kasich. He spoke at my US gov't class, and listened to my political group and me when we lobbied.
  14. And has WABC apologized or explained it? Moderators almost got started without Kasich.
  15. Watching... Q#4 Can Kasich go the mile? Does he have the money/volunteer ratio to pull it off?
  16. I've been retweeted by Kasich & Trump supporters this cycle. How much does Fox News pay again? 🤔
  17. Kasich true personality is the hateful personality that he showed in the first debates!
  18. Kasich strongest in November best prepared to be President strong positive message
  19. Kasich balanced more budgets, cut more taxes, reformed more education systems than anyone else but he's NOT "the establishment"?
  20. Kasich: "Reagan expanded Medicaid 5 times." Expand "w/out ."
  21. Gilmore, Fiorina, Kasich, Christie, Carson and Bush need to go home.
  22. Kasich is so... sane. Why is he running with these Republicans 🤔