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Sunday, February 7, 2016

#Rubio falters while #Christie #Kasich #Bush shine, Kasich is all over the TV this am .... what happened?

  1. the guy who we couldn't stand in debates is all over the TV this am .... what happened?
  2. How many times has Kasich told us.. "My father was a mailman"
  3. YOU are full of it! YOU said YOU knew the system YOU had experience! Ergo YOU ARE PART OF PROBLEM! RETIRE KASICH!
  4. "Moderate" Kasich’s economic agenda = pursuing tax cuts for wealthy & increasing taxes on low-middle income.
  5. Kasich is decent on State of the Union right now. He'd be my choice if I was playing for the GOP.
  6. May be stating the obvious, but the remaining GOP candidates (with the exception of Kasich) should be embarrassed of themselves.
  7. That was embarrassing. I think Cruz will come in first. Kasich, Bush, & Christie all did well too. DT & Carson blah.
  8. kasich is now the new Bernie sanders
  9. Usually $ ends candidacies. But Kasich & Christie sitting govs ($) & Bush has Right to Rise. NH pileup & they stay in = aids Trump/Cruz
  10. State Sen. , of , stumps for in New Hampshire.
  11. Trump just delivered Ted Cruz KO during debate closing, Jeb, Kasich were laughing
  12. Kasich is looking better and better as this race goes on. Ever since he jumped into the race I was curious, now I'm excited
  13. Kasich just said grow government . That was stupid.
  14. Makes sense. Kasich has to follow soon afterwards, although I imagine Christie will doggedly hang in for longer.
  15. kasich is a dem he has a lot of hot air kasich the demos want you because u r very beatable
  16. Kasich on CNN: he needs better hair. What's going on there? Was just thinking Hillary's had better hair too. Will find a pic.
  17. Only repub worth considering is Kasich who is not crazy enuf to win GOP nomination.
  18. Good domain possibility?: www.John ?? Its trending on google...
  19. Kasich, Christie and Bush had a great night. They are the only viable candidates for the general election
  20. Kasich is a good guy. He's so sane for this line up of GOP presidential candidates this year. But, choose a side, sir?